Annika Keller (Sweden 1965)

1992 was the year that my hands first came in contact with clay. In 1994 I decided to sign up for my first course and I was instantly hooked. After practicing ceramics as a hobby for two years, I decided to let it play a major part in my life. Finally, in 2001, I started a three year course at La Llotja School of Art, in Barcelona. I had the time to focus on my studies and the long days were filled with creative productivity. I had arrived to paradise.

Viking-ceramics is what I call my production line. It has nothing to do with the ceramics produced by the Vikings but more with the fact that they have been my source of inspiration to create it. Maybe being away from home for so long awakens an interest and curiosity for your roots that you never had before. That is so in my case. I am fascinated by the Vikings’ culture: their rituals, their mythology, their adventures and their art.

There are a lot more pieces to be created but my hands have difficulty at keeping pace with the ideas running around in my head. More creations will gradually be shown on these pages.

Thank you for your time. I hope you have (or have had) a pleasant journey around the web.


Annika Keller